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We offer you a comprehensive study of the management of fluids in your company, but also an analysis of the filtration of your machines. Following a study carried out on site several recommendations and solutions are proposed to improve machine maintenance and reduce machine downtime.


Whether for storage and transfer of fluids, or for machine filtration, C-Trading is able to provide tailor-made solutions that perfectly meet your expectations. We can put in place a new filtration system that will meet the standards, and will allow to evolve its machines taking into account the evolutions brought to the fluids (Bio-Diesel, additives for hydraulic oil, Very High Pressure, …).


C-Trading is able to ship every order anywhere in the world. From our stock in Belgium, but also in Germany, we offer the majority of our items in stock. In addition to delivery, we also offer Kitting so that when ordering your filters are classified by machine. This will make life easier for your machine maintenance technicians.

Production of filtration units

We have a complete range of mobile filtration units as well as fluid analyzes. If your request is not in our range we can realize, according to your needs, the unit that corresponds to you. For example, we have already supplied high-flow filtration units (150lpm – diesel), units equipped with self-locking counter and gun, …


In addition to solutions and the sale of filters, we also offer our services for the installation and maintenance of your devices.


Thanks to our range of measuring instruments, we can, on site, make a complete analysis of your installations. This can also be done with us from a sample. Both the oil and the oil are analyzed. According to customer requests, we mainly measure the water content, particle count (size function), dielectric, TAN, TBN, … Following an analysis a complete report will be submitted with, if requested, solutions to reduce the contamination of fluids.

We also offer analyzes of your hydraulic circuits (pressures, flow rates, temperatures) for the results of breakdowns or malfunctions.


C-Trading, through the technical training of its employees, also offers training courses in companies. These courses are mainly offered to technicians and engineers. We deal with all aspects related to industrial fluids. The dynamic offered with “hands on” workshops is often very appreciated.

Make use of our services today!

Whether it’s for operating system support, a complete analysis of your tooling and installations or specific advice, take advantage of our team of expert engineers to guide you in your strategic and technical choices.